Block Management Services in Bristol

Owning a leasehold property has become increasingly popular over the years, and there are now over 4.3 million leasehold dwellings in England.

Most of these leasehold properties typically have a “Residents Management Company” to arrange and administer the ongoing management of the building containing the individual leasehold units unless an external freeholder is in place.

As the sister company to SWR, S W Relocations Ltd has been trading since 1991 and offers comprehensive Block Management packages which can be personalised to your specific needs as a leaseholder, RMC director or Freehold owner.

With the increasing service demands of Block Management in Bristol and surrounding areas we provide a thorough yet bespoke package to our leasehold clients, starting from initial advice on forming a “limited” management company or taking over control of management through the “Right to Manage” procedure or simply taking over from a current managing agent who isn’t performing as you feel they should be.

We offer various levels of service, and listed below are a selection of the services we offer. For a complete schedule and our terms and conditions please click the View our Pricing button to the left.


  • Full audit of site and legal documentation
  • Assitance with the Right to Manage Process
  • Resolving current issues or non-compliance
  • Access to our interactive online portal for directors and leaseholders

Company Secretarial Duties

  • Acting as company secretary
  • Acting as registered office address
  • Appointment/removal of directors
  • Completion of annual confirmation statement and submission of annual accounts
  • Organisation and chairing of AGM/EOM & directors meetings to include minute taking

Accountancy Duties

  • Fully transparent reconciliation of income and expenditure
  • Administration of annual accounts
  • Budget setting
  • Service charge demands
  • Credit control

Management Duties

  • Responding to ongoing maintenance
  • Provision of 24/7 emergency maintenance line
  • Management of fire safety and health and safety
  • Administering longer term maintenance contracts
  • Pro-active preventative maintenance
  • Section 20 consultation procedures
  • Dealing with incoming queries from owners or tenants
  • and much more…
Total peace of mind
Our Block Management team specialise in the day to day management of residential blocks of flats and estates.

Here at SWR, we are different. As a family-run Residential Letting, Property Management, and Block Management Agency, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do. No hidden fees or confusing advice. Just high-quality, expert guidance that you can rely on!

Block Management Bristol
Block Management Bristol
Simple Pricing
Our Block Management Packages

We offer simple, straightforward pricing to assist you in planning and budgeting. The services included in our full management package are set out clearly in our pricing structure; anything else is charged at a straightforward hourly rate.

Below are the services selection we offer to our clients for block management in Bristol and surrounding areas.


– Initial meeting with directors/owners to gather history and current information
– Review of leases and title deeds
– Review of the company memorandum and articles of association
– Review of all compliance related matters and production of rectification report
– Review of current contracts and re-tender if required
– Review of conveyancing requirements
– Onboarding of all outstanding maintenance
– Onboarding of financial information including current debtors
– All other matters to assist a smooth transfer of management
– Provision of first residents meeting to “meet and greet” and share process going forwards

General Management Services

– Provision of online portal to directors and leaseholders providing full transparency of management and financial information
– Providing reasonable management information to the lessees
– Dealing with day-to-day lessee issues and reporting to and taking instruction from the Client on lessees’ concerns or dissatisfaction
– Advising the Client on all relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases
– Maintaining adequate/suitable files and records on the management of the property in line with GDPR
– Keeping records of residents and tenancy details whereby provided
– The creation and provision of lessee welcome packs or handbooks, with the assistance of directors/lessees
– Corresponding with external freeholder or estate management stakeholders in the case of a Right to Manage Company or tri-partite leases
– Tribunal appointed management and all associated tasks as per management order

Financial Management Services

– Provision of ringfenced bank accounts for use by Client
– Preparation of annual budget projections
– Preparation and distribution of service charge demands
– Preparation and distribution of ground rent demands
– Collection of service charge or ground rent contributions and accounting of the same
– Issuing demands for administration charges
– Administering payments relating to the Property within expenditure limits as reasonable expediency shall dictate
– Providing required information to nominated accountants prior to the preparation of annual service charge accounts
– Using best endeavors to collect current and ongoing routine service charge arrears but no action requiring legal work or tribunals
– Renewal and administration of buildings, liability, and Directors & Officers Insurance (subject to SWR acting in a Company Secretarial Capacity)
– Advising on the creation and maintenance of reserve funds and sinking funds

Company Secretarial Services

– Acting as Company Secretary to the Client
– Filing statutory company returns
– Arranging for the production and lodgement of annual statutory accounts
– Appointment of Directors
– Resignation/removal of Directors
– Ensuring compliance with Memorandum and Articles of Association of Company
– Ensuring compliance with English company law
– Maintaining and holding digital copies of company Statutory Books
– Calling, organising, and chairing Annual General Meeting
– Attendance at one Directors meeting per year (2 members of staff)
– Production and distribution of minutes

Maintenance and Compliance Management Services

– Administration of monthly responsible person testing
– Annual site visit with report
– Suggesting, based on findings on visits, a preventative maintenance schedule
– Reactive maintenance using our own contractors or those selected by the Client
– Administration of planned and/or preventative maintenance
– Entering and managing maintenance contracts on behalf of the Client
– Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such works.
– Ensuring ongoing compliance with CDM regulations, GDPR & Health and Safety Legislation
– Consultation with the client on long-term agreements except for Long Term Qualifying Agreements
– Administration of issues relating to Tree Protection Orders
– Provision of our out of hours maintenance 24/7 response line
– Administering periodic fire and health and safety risk assessments by competent persons
– Administering periodic asbestos checks by competent persons
– Administering periodic Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports to the common parts

Additional Services

– Administering all matters relating to Section 20 consultation including tender process and overseeing major works
– Administration of third-party specialist surveys and/or assessments
– Handling requests for consent to sublet, alter or otherwise
– Handling requests for lease extensions or variations
– All party wall matters
– All matters relating to EWS1 or External Wall Cladding Systems
– Advertising and recruiting site staff on behalf of the Client
– Dealing with any pension issues relating to site staff
– Preparation of income and expenditure for accountancy purposes for individual lessees
– Any matters relating to ground rent reviews
– Legal recovery of unpaid service charges or ground rents or action for non-compliance with leases including instructing solicitors and preparing for attending Court/Tribunal
– Initiation and administration of all insurance claims

... Continued

– Work in relation to the exercise by the lessees of Enfranchisement, the Right to Manage or as the result of the Appointment of a Manager by a Tribunal
– Negotiating with local, statutory, or private authorities regarding operation or amendment or improvements to communal services as necessary
– Provision of additional information requested by nominated accountant above what is reasonably expected
– Additional site visits as requested by Client
– Administration of issues relating to Listed Property and Property located in Conservation areas
– Dealing with listed building consents
– Additional Directors Meetings (2 members of staff)
– Organising and chairing Extra-ordinary Meeting (2 members of staff)
– All matters relating to ecological surveying or conservation
– Providing any form of Services to the Client over and above the standard services included in parts 1 – 4 in this Management Agency Agreement

Block Management Bristol
Block Management Bristol, Thornbury & Bradley Stoke
Block Management Services from SWR

Providing block management services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire since 2002, we’ve been helping Freeholders, Residents Management Companies (RMCs) and Leaseholders to manage and maintain their properties to the highest of standards. And all that experience has made us very good at understanding what’s needed from us.

Managing Agents are often hired by RMCs or Freeholders to become the liaison between themselves and their leaseholders. One important part of our block management Bristol services is to work closely with both parties to ensure that they are happy on a day-to-day basis. With the responsibility of carrying out routine maintenance tasks taken off your shoulders you can remove one of the biggest areas of stress from your life if you’re an RMC director or Freeholder.

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If you’re worried about block management matters in general, giving us a call will help you to ease your mind. With many years of service experience in block management for Bristol and South Gloucestershire clients, we can offer advice and guidance on what to do next.

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Block Management service SWR

Block Management Bristol

SWR Offers Block Management Service in Bristol

SWR offers a range of block management services in Bristol. We manage a wide variety of blocks and estates throughout Bristol, on behalf of our clients. That’s why, as a new client, you’ll sit down with our expert team to discuss your needs. We’ll create a bespoke, fair, and transparent management solution that’s affordable and will enhance the structure and value of your property now and in the future.

We provide block management in Bristol that include: key holding, caretaker duties and all associated block management services such as inspections and reporting. We are not a letting agency who simply manage the block outside office hours. We concentrate on 24/7 block management in Bristol combined with quality service during normal business hours.

Call us now for block management in Bristol to discuss your needs with one of our experienced block managers today!