Guarantor Application Form

Prior to us accepting your guarantor application and passing your details to our third party referencing company we request that you read the following information. By completing the application form below, you are confirming that you have read and undertand the information.

Prior to creating a tenancy we will complete references before we approach the landlord for their formal acceptance of the tenancy. SWR uses an independent third party referencing company to deal with the referencing process.

Your details have been provided to us for the purposes of being a guarantor for and by a/an applicant(s) hoping to take a property through our agency. In order for us to progress their application, it is important that you supply us with mandatory information to ensure that we are able to properly reference you.

We have asked the applicant to ensure that you are aware that you have been nominated as a potential guarantor and that we will be making contact with you using the details provided to us.

The next steps

  1. You are required to provide financial and (if applicable) employer references. Our checks will also include a search of the Credit Registers to establish your financial credibility. This is necessary for the prospective landlord to confirm that your application is suitable and satisfactory. For your own guidance you should be aware that to meet the required affordability, your salary/earnings must be at least 36 x the monthly rent.
  2. We will require a copy of your immigration documents (passport or share code for example) and we will hold this on our secure servers for the duration of the tenancy plus 12 months afterwards. We may ask to check these documents at a later date if they are time-limited.
  3. Subject to a satisfactory reference, you will be required to sign a Guarantor Agreement, confirming you will take responsibility for any financial requirements under the tenancy should the applicant default.

We are happy to answer any queries you may have, but also please feel free to seek independent legal advice prior to submitting the form or completing any other documentation we may put before you. Just so you know, all your information is held and used in line with our privacy policy, which is discussed in further depth later on the page.

About your data

Under the GDPR 2018, we must always have a lawful and legitimate basis for using personal data. This may be because the data is necessary for the performance of a contract with you. You have consented to the use of your personal data and because it is in our/your legitimate business interests to use it.

Your personal data will be used for following purposes:

Referencing you and carrying out Right to Rent checks
Communicating with you on matters relating to the tenancy. This may include responding to emails, letters, texts or phone calls from you.

Information provided under the performance of this Agreement may be shared with the Landlord and other Agents, credit and referencing agencies, Local Authorities, utility and water companies, Police, tracing agents, our legal representatives, solicitors, and mortgage lenders, maintenance contractors, utility switch over companies, chartered surveyors, estate agents.

In some limited circumstances, we may be legally required to share certain personal data, which might include yours, if we involved in legal proceedings or complying with legal obligations, a court order, or the instructions of a government authority.

You will not be sent any unlawful marketing or spam. We will always work to fully protect your rights and comply with our obligations under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, and you will always have the opportunity to opt-out.

We will not keep your personal data for any longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected. Your personal data will therefore be kept for the following periods for six years.


I confirm that the information I intend to supply during the referencing process, to the best of my knowledge and belief, to be true. I consent to this information being verified by contacting the third parties. I understand that the results of the findings will be forwarded to the appointed letting agent and/or landlord and may be accessed again should there be any default under the obligations of the tenancy agreement. I agree that searches of a Credit Reference Agency will take place.

I also understand that in the event of any defaulting on rental payments, that any such default may be recorded with the Credit Reference Agency who may supply the information to other credit companies or insurers in the quest for the responsible granting of tenancies, insurance and credit. I understand that in the event of any default by the tenant in the covenants in my tenancy agreement with the landlord, the
information contained herein may be disclosed to tracing companies and/or debt collection agencies in order to recover any monies due or to trace whereabouts.

I understand that in any information within this application is found to be untrue, it is grounds for termination of the tenancy. I also understand that any default in the payment of rent will affect any future application for tenancies, credit or insurance. I agree that the results or details of my referencing can be shared and discussed with any joint applicants or guarantors.

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