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Providing a range of services to assist landlords in managing multiple properties in Bristol

Professional Tenancy Management
Here at South West Relo, whether you’re a first-time landlord or an experienced landlord, let us assist with the management of tenants and help you expand your portfolio whilst taking care of the letting of your properties. From Let-Only to Full Management services, talk to us about our landlord services available in Bristol and surrounding areas.
Reliable Bristol Property Management
Are you struggling finding the right company to manage your rental property?
Here at South West Relo, we are different. As a family-run Residential Letting, Property Management and Block Management Agency, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do. No hidden fees or confusing advice. Just high-quality, expert guidance that you can rely on!

Our Landlord Packages

Full Management Service
We take great pride in the quality of our landlords Bristol service which enables us to market your property with confidence. offering full management services - generating maximum exposure for you whilst at all times maintaining total secrecy about your ownership. We operate within an extensive geographical area stretching across Bristol, Wiltshire and Stroud.

Our friendly team provide primary advice on every aspect of renting out properties including: checking references; tenancy agreements; inventory; how best to prepare for rental; help with financial assessment; budgeting; debt recovery; rent collection; deposit administration etc.
Let-Only Service
For landlords who want to let their properties without providing landlords management, we offer a Let Only service. We endeavour to take maximum responsibility and maximise returns. We undertake all legal matters such as tenancy agreements; property inspections; inventories; financial assessments etc.

All aspects of landlord responsibilities, including but not limited to: checking references; finance checks & credit referencing; preparing for rental market moving tenants in and out inventory taking rent collection tenant behaviour debt recovery mediation deposits disputes evicting tenants. If you want the best possible return on your investment with minimum hassle and maximum security then SWR landlords services in Bristol can supply it.
Legal Management Service
Here at SWR, we offer a “Legal Management” package. Happy to deal with maintenance and regular inspections yourself, but want your legal compliance taken care of? If so, this is the package for you.
Block Management Bristol
Shelley Block Management Bristol
Shelley Fisher
Partner & FARLA dip. RLM safeagent Qualified
Margriet Clarke
Lettings Negotiator & safeagent Qualified
Block Management Bristol
Jo Reid
Administrative Assistant

The process of renting your property through SWR Agency

Step 1
The first step is to call us for a no obligation chat about your situation, your property and your goals and expectations. Part of our Landlords Bristol services is to advise on all aspects of renting, and can book you in for a free valuation or provide you with a brochure describing our services in more detail.
Step 2
At the valuation, we can talk in further depth about the rental value and any suggested improvements that may be required prior to rental including any work required to comply with any industry specific laws or legislation. We can talk through your individual requirements and answer any questions you may have. We recommend you talk to other agents to get a feel for the type of agency you would like to place your business with – each agent can work very differently to the next. We have a family based ethos and are not target or profit driven – customer service for our clients –  landlords in Bristol is at the heart of what we do – and we are passionate about doing our jobs well.
Step 3
If you decide to proceed with our services, we will confirm your choice of package and send you a terms of business. We will then arrange to visit again to take marketing photos if the property is ready to market. If not, we can work with you using your own or our contractors to carry out any work needed. We can take a set of keys to be logged into our secure system if we need to meet to give access for various jobs.
Step 4
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be required for marketing purposes so this will be carried out if necessary.
Step 5
When marketing commences, an advert will be added to online portals, our own website, social media and if you consent, a flag board placed at a prominent location to catch passing trade. We will also attempt to match tenants from our existing database. The property details will also be shared with local high street estate agents as they regularly have walk-in clients in search of properties.
Step 6
Viewings will commence, which are always attended by a member of the team. When a tenant is located, you will advised of their circumstances in the form of a completed application form (number of occupants, children, pets, employment status, length of tenancy required) for your acceptance prior to us taking a holding deposit. Please note: During the Covid-19 crisis there are changes to the way we carry out viewings. 
Step 7
After your acceptance each tenant will be separately referenced. This includes a check of their credit score, their employment details, character references and conversing with their previous landlord. Although thorough checks are made, please be mindful that references are not fool proof as personal circumstances often change – so we always recommend you have a contingency fund so you are prepared in the case of any issues.
Step 8
As per the requirements of the Immigration Act, each tenant (or permitted occupier) must present their original identification documents in person prior to a tenancy agreement being signed. Depending on the type of document, we may carry out ongoing checks throughout the tenancy to comply with the law.
Step 9
On the completion of referencing and after your final acceptance, a tenancy document will be provided to the tenants for signature via an electronic signature platform, alongside relevant paperwork required by law. One months’ rent in advance and five weeks rent as a security deposit (if applicable) will be collected prior to the day of check in. The deposit will be registered with a secure tenancy deposit scheme as required by law if included in your package.
Step 10
Prior to the day of check-in, as part of the process of our landlord services in Bristol,  the required safety testing will be carried out. Testing includes fixed wire testing, gas, portable appliance, furniture, CO/Smoke alarm, smoke bomb or Legionnaires’ disease risk assessment. On an annual basis, the required safety testing, routine maintenance and boiler servicing will be carried out, and charged to your monthly statement.
Step 11
A professional third party inventory is strongly recommended and would be carried out prior to the day of check in, similar to the safety testing. Carpet cleaning and domestic cleaning can also be arranged if necessary.
Step 12
To check in, the tenants will be asked to meet one of our property managers at the property. They will be given all the relevant paperwork, shown how to use the heating systems and appliances and advised of any quirks in the property, prior to being provided their keys. A smoke/CO alarm check and minor Legionnaires’ disease check will be carried out in the presence of the tenant, but the ongoing responsibility for both then transfers to the tenant for the duration of the tenancy, and this is included in the tenancy agreement. We feel strongly that an “in person” check in is important to set up the tenancy and get it off to a good start.
Step 13
There is often a small “snagging list” from the check in which can be dealt with swiftly and easily using our own contractors or your own.
Step 14
After the tenants have moved into the property, as part of our service for landlords Bristol, the property will then be looked after by our property management team, unless you have chosen the Bronze package: if so, at this point we hand the management of the property back to you. On all other packages, you will receive a monthly statement and associated invoices along with your payment of rental funds – this will come via the method you have chosen, along with a copy sent to any other relevant party as necessary (joint landlord, accountant).
Step 15
15) Making sure your property is consistently maintaining its good condition is part of our landlords Bristol services. A property inspection with full photographic report will be carried out every four months (the first is carried out after three). These are useful not only to ensure the tenant is keeping the property in a suitable fashion, but also keeps track of any maintenance issues, as well as ensuring your ongoing compliance with the Immigration Act and the HHSRS/Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act.
Step 16
Any incoming or reactive maintenance will be dealt with in the way you have specified, including any issues out of hours though an emergency maintenance line provided to tenants.
Step 17
Two months prior to the end of the fixed term, you will be contacted by our team to confirm you are happy for the tenants to remain in the property. If so, the tenants will be offered their options (another fixed term, or remaining on a periodic “rolling” basis) and new contracts negotiated and administered if appropriate.
Step 18
The rent will be reviewed on an annual basis or at your request and increased with the relevant notice if appropriate. All our tenancy agreements now transfer to a Contractual Periodic Tenancy (rather than the most common “Statutory” Periodic Tenancy) at the end of their fixed term as this reduces liability for the landlord with regards to council tax of empty properties, unless of course the tenant requests otherwise.
Step 19
If you are not resident in the UK. we can advise you on the government non-resident landlord (NRL) scheme and administer this for you on a quarterly basis if necessary.
Step 20
Any issues that develop with with tenants including, but not limited to, the service of eviction notices, abandonment procedures and tenancy surrenders, rental arrears, anti-social behaviour and damage to property can be dealt with on your behalf by our team. If you decide to take your tenant to court, we will help and advise you, however court attendance is chargeable and we would recommend instead that you employ a solicitor to represent you.
Step 21
At the end of tenancy the tenants will be checked out of the property by a property manager in charge of the landlord services in Bristol. This involves checking the current condition of the property against the original inventory, transferring utilities and dealing with relevant legal paperwork as well as preparing the property for a void period, if applicable.
Step 22
Any differences of opinion relating to the return of the deposit are negotiated, and if no agreement can be reached will be referred to tenancy deposit arbitration, a free service provided by the government deposit protection schemes. Administering the dispute on your behalf is charged at an hourly rate.
Step 23
We cannot be held accountable if the tenancy deposit scheme does not find in your favour, however we will make every effort to give you the best chance possible of a positive outcome.
Step 24
As an acting landlord in Bristol at your service, we will manage the property for you during the tenancy. During the void periods, we offer a care-taking service to ensure the property remains safe.
For first-time or experienced landlords across Bristol
We are owner focused
SWR Landlord Services Bristol is owner focused. For us, taking the part of a landlord and managing your rental properties is more than just collecting rents. We are proactive rental market specialists, ensuring that each property receives personalised attention with proven strategies attracting the widest audience and minimising vacancy time. We believe that we are modern thinkers and are always striving to achieve the very best services results for landlords in Bristol.

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Award-Winning and Outstanding Landlord Services in Bristol

Searching for a reliable property and lettings company is often a long and daunting process, but you have landed in the right place!  SWR helps Landlords with property lettings, the management, and upkeep of each property – leaving you to focus on the finer things in life.

SWR Landlord Services is owner-focused. For us, taking the part of a landlord and managing your rental properties is more than just collecting rents.

We are  proactive rental market specialists, ensuring that each property receives personalised attention with proven strategies attracting the widest audience and minimising vacancy time.

Are you a rental property owner looking for extraordinary landlord services in Bristol? You are in the right place. Contact us today so we can start working on great things for your rental homes.