High-quality estate management, made easy.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at leasehold properties. We manage vast estates across Bristol and assist with a variety of tasks, from their day-to-day upkeep to long-term maintenance projects.

From state-of-the-art developments to prestigious country estates, our dedicated teams can do it all!

Our estates tend to be made up of freehold properties, complete with an area for communal use. We take pride in the standards of the common areas we manage, and so we ensure greenery, flowerbeds, footbaths, car parks, play areas, drainage, and wildlife habitats are all kept in tip-top condition.

Our highly experienced team are ready to put the SWR stamp on your estate.

While grounds maintenance makes up a large part of our management responsibilities, delivering an outstanding level of service behind the scenes it what truly sets us apart. At SWR, we have a range of complex responsibilities, from ground rent collection to planning long-term strategies, projects and development opportunities, as well as resolving boundary issues, parking issues and other issues relevant to a freehold estate.

Here at SWR, we are known for our innovative and collaborative approach to all of our projects. We love to find new strategies and develop blueprints, which is why we always deliver a fully tailored service. Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can be the management team your residents deserve.