Owning an apartment block or a flat on a lease comes with many challenging responsibilities. However, a block management company can help you carefully oversee the welfare of your building and cover all legal responsibilities on your behalf.

The block management company is responsible for the overall maintenance of residential blocks, providing proper assistance for the client (property owner) all the time. Some of the responsibilities of a block management company include:

Routine Inspection

The block management company is wholly responsible for appointing professionals to visit and inspect blocks on their portfolio, noticing and diagnosing legal risks or potential problems on the block. When you own an apartment block, there is a need for these routine inspections. Block management companies take up this challenging task as part of their many responsibilities. The inspection covers all areas, from accounts to records to maintenance. The company makes sure all legal domains and functions are correctly taken care of.

Safety Regulations

The continuous stability of a site is dependent on specific health and safety precautions. The block management company is responsible for making sure that health and safety laws are regulations are strictly followed. The company helps to implement and manage these safety laws consistently. Block management companies take health and safety precautions seriously and handle them professionally for the smooth sailing of property operations.


An insured property gets covering against several unexpected risks that may arise at any time – risks from fire hazard, natural damages like hail or storms. A block management company helps you to identify the right cover or insurance policy for the block. It is among the duties of the company to assess the number of occupied or rented apartments and the types of occupants, and then find a suitable insurance policy for the block.

Keeping Records

Legal records, files, and statements can often become cumbersome to keep track of. A block management company is responsible for keeping detailed records of all transactions, work, and inspections. These records are especially vital at certain times. Making use of a block management company saves you from worrying about paperwork and documents. The company carefully holds all necessary records for safekeeping.

Keeping Accounts

Accounting for a block property involves many responsibilities, including rounding up rents and services charges, correctly allocating resources, creating a budget to make sure money is readily available. And overseeing account creation for shareholders of the block. All these accounting processes are vital and delicate and require the professional attention of a reliable block management company. The company appoints a professional accountant to make sure all accounting processes are on track.

General Maintenance

The block management company ensures that maintenance contracts are in place and operational, ranging from general cleaning to gardening to cost-effective installation of necessary facilities.

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